As I sit around my computer at 12:23am on a Saturday, I’m thinking to myself; I have a better chance catching a cold than catching a break. My documentary is falling apart. The principal cast member is being a real asshole and on top of it, I’m thinking about her and that’s really fucking with my thought process. Focus dude! Fucking focus!

I just told a friend of mine who possibly was trying to undermine my authority a couple things that I would possibly like to amend…not really.

“From now on I have no choice but to be a more fierce producer. So when I give out a role, I won’t be challenged or questioned. You’ve never done that with them (Ethan Black and TJ Collins, my new favorite enemies, remember?) even though you were concerned that they might not give you credit. I deserve the same level of respect.”

And am off to something else. Something along the lines of producing.

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