Everybody roots for the underdog….when he’s close to the top. As a filmmaker with modest resources, I was well aware of my uphill battle in making pictures. But, the human psychology is such a magnificent thing. I’ve been shot down, ridiculed, demeaned, and etc, by a variety of people. But for some reason I still love this industry. I remember when the two douchebags kicked me off their project and how I vowed to get them back for their level of unprofessionalism. It turns out I was only wasting my own time. Time that I could’ve put into my other projects. I learned something from that experience: never let anyone take your talent(s) for granted. That’s the biggest payback of all. I didn’t do their project! They didn’t get the opportunity to use my talents. And to the rest of you guys that turned down one of my pictures/projects; the underdog lives!

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