Q). How did you get started in music?
A). I started making beats in Acid Pro and Fruity Loops (before it became FL Studio) when I was a freshman in high school. I always gravitated towards the business side of the music business which is why I started a record label in my sophomore year of high school. The label was called DollaKing Records (now an imprint of Robb Music Group (RMG). I signed five (5) artists and the label released over ten (10) mixtapes. The artists were from all over; Boston, Houston, Germany, and of course; New York!

Q). What kind of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) do you use?
A). My primary DAW is FL Studio 20. My secondary DAW is Ableton Live.

Q). Which genre(s) do you usually work in?
A). Mostly Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, EDM, and R&B.

Q). You have multiple roles in the music industry; which one(s) do you like the most?
A). Producing, songwriting and A&R would be my top three roles that I really love!

Q). How do I book you to DJ an event?
A). You can contact Robb Entertainment Events (events.robbent.com) and/or my management Robb Talent Group (rtg.robbent.com). Thank you for thinking of my for your event.

Q). How do you choose the companies you partner with?
A). It’s simple really; if our beliefs and goals align then I give it a shot. Nothing complicated.

Q). What is your studio setup like?
A). Akai 261, Lenovo 17″ laptop…you know what; here’s the list (HERE). It might not be the most recent list but I’m pretty sure it is close to it.

Q). How do you decide on an artist to sign to your label?
A). The obvious first reason is the music! After that, I look for work ethic, creativity, stage presence, and business savvy. This is a very very low barrier to entry industry; I’m looking for talent that makes music that can last for generations and is capable enough of expanding beyond just music.

Q). I’m with the press and I’m interested in interviewing you; how do I go about that?
A). You would need to contact my management (Robb Talent Group – rtg.robbent.com).

Q). I have more questions how do I contact you?
A). Emails work best! I’m usually incredibly prompt so you should expect a quick response.



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