To whom it may concern;

Most of the stuff I put on my blog is for other people in the same situation to use as inspiration in one way or another. This post is a bit more personal. This is a bit more specific.

I remember, not so long ago, when I would present people with opportunities for us to work on ROBB ENTERTAINMENT ( projects which would be beneficial for all parties involved. And out of 100%, 99.9% of those people would turn me down and give bullshit reasons as to why. The other .1% that said yes are some of the same people I respect and admire working with today.

The irony is that; from the 99.9% who previously told me to “fuck off,” some of them are now contacting ME saying we should work together. This just blows my mind. Do they have Amnesia, or maybe Alzheimer’s disease?

WHY THE HELL would I want to work with you now? You turned me down, remember?

Maybe this is the typical underdog revenge story, or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case may be, I have something to say to the 99.9%; FUCK WAYYYYY OFFFF!

Romane Orlando Robb

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