A while back I posted a very detailed review of my time with Revature (A coding bootcamp). I didn’t do it anonymously and I tried to be as detailed as possible hoping it would be beneficial to others. Now, to be fair, some people in that post asked good questions but the majority seem to be idiots who completely missed it…which sucks for them because my life is absolutely great! Also, for those idiots that thought they attacked “anonymously”. Think again.

Now, to answer some things and ignore others:

1). Most dropped out of the program. I was literally the only one to get a job as a developer outside of the program. and of course, that’s a win for me if you’re aware of what Revature/their client was paying. Enough said!

2). Yes, to one of the idiots who thinks he’s anonymous! I am in the film business. I’ve written, produced, and directed multiple film and TV projects. What have YOU done with your life?

3). To the other idiot who thinks he’s anonymous talking about adding people on Linkedin. Something tells me you’re probably in some mediocre position if not unemployed now. Maybe try networking. Just an idea.

4). To the other idiot who thinks he’s anonymous talking about my LinkedIn profile: Yes, I am the CEO of a company that was awarded an ITQ with the State of Pennsylvania worth up to ten million dollars. Never let my ambitions disrupt YOUR mediocrity.

5). To the other idiot who thinks he’s anonymous talking about me refusing to “participate” in staging and other nonsense. Since I know EXACTLY who you are I just have to laugh at where YOU are in life. That’s all! πŸ™‚

6). To the other idiot who is talking about “cringe”. You know what is actually “cringe”? Your life! πŸ™‚

Thinking you’re anonymous doesn’t mean you’re ACTUALLY anonymous, idiots. Now back to MY amazing life!

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