This is NOT how you be an Airbnb host so if you’re reading this and interested in getting in the Airbnb business please take notes and do the opposite of this scumbag, Casey.


Stay completely away from this host and his listings. You. Have. Been. Warned.



Read how he speaks to customers.



A video of one of the roaches can be watched here: VIDEO. You may download and share this video online.

I hated it there. And I also hate the host, Casey.


After I left my review he got my number and stalked me.


After I refused to change my review he filed a bogus damage claim ( I guess he decided to get “ugly”) that Airbnb quickly shut down.



Casey is an absolutely disgusting and vile piece of garbage and you should never ever stay at ANY of his listings.

I’ve posted on various Pennsylvania subreddits to be careful.

As you’ve read he said he would take down the listing but as of today it is STILL active. Did Casey lie…again? Well, I’ll let you decide!

One more thing: We’re giving away free stickers warning people about your listing.

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