I was with Real Broker, LLC from November 2022 to March 2023 as a New York and New Jersey agent, and due to the idiot, Robert “Eric” Axelson, it was an absolute nightmare.

This was one of the first messages I got from him because I emailed him twice:

And let me tell you; it only got worse from there. For the record; this idiot has plenttttyyyyy of free time. He’s selling concert tickets on the Real messaging board. He’s sending random messages to people on Twitter hoping they respond to him. And the list goes on.

I had a listing in New Jersey in March 2023, and the idiot, Eric Axelson, decided not to return my emails and messages for almost two months. Reason; still unknown. Now, being an agent with a listing is a big deal…and when you’re getting email read receipts notifications informing you that your broker has read your emails but for some unknown reason he’s choosing to NOT respond can make things quite infuriating, to say the least.

Another incident: I had put together five (5) showings for March 11, 2023, and he told me to cancel them because he would handle it. I canceled them on Tuesday and the idiot, Eric Axelson, waited until Friday to tell me he had no agents to reschedule them. I was infuriated when I saw that email but I did what I do best; problem-solving. While I’m putting back together the showings he made me cancel, calling this agent and that agent, the idiot sent me an agent without giving the agent the full details and really explaining the urgency (Eric Axelson is an absolute garbage communicator). I told his agent I’ll take care of it…and of course, I did. I got them back plus more!

Even after ALL of that. Me cleaning up his mess, the idiot, the so-called experienced broker, Eric Axelson, didn’t even have the decency to apologize for the ordeal. Instead, he deflected and tried to blame me for him messing up. The audacity of this idiot!

Eventually, I realized that Eric Axelson was a poor communicator, an ineffective manager, and an inept problem solver. And I immediately started discussions with another brokerage firm to get away from that idiot, Eric Axelson, who claims to be an experienced broker who manages three-hundred (300) agents yet he couldn’t get one agent to schedule some showings.

Eric Axelson is the perfect case study for incompetent management. Here is someone in a managerial position with such a petty and emotional personality who, clearly, should not have been given this position.

In summary: Robert “Eric” Axelson is a horrible real estate broker who was put in a position he is clearly not qualified for and with that showed me the downsides to working with a highly incompetent real estate broker. However, I’m incredibly happy I got to write a case study on his inept and poor managerial skills for my MBA.

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