I didn’t read the most recent reviews before placing the order but the sentiment rings very true in my situation.


I decided to place an order on February 9th for 36 t-shirts for my sports agency, Robb Sports Group Corporation, for a very very important event this weekend. The order was supposed to arrive on February 18th. That order was never delivered, and I informed Nicole the moment (literally minutes after getting the email notification that the package was delivered. Again, the package was NEVER delivered) I realized the issue and then the bs with them began!


For some reason, I knew they would screw up fixing this. Again, I had NOT read any of the previous reviews…it was more instincts than anything.


Nicole offered to refund me and then ran into hiding and then she was replaced with a new idiot, Lana, whose sole purpose was to put on a charade (“we’re working so hard for you”, “we want this resolved quickly”, etc.) while not actually fixing the problem.

I saw right through her condescending emails and bs very quickly. I even sent her actual video evidence that showed the package was not delivered…and she intentionally ignored them.

This issue has been going on for close to a week now. I have spoken to nine (9) UPS employees via over five (5) hours of phone calls. A complete waste of my time because they don’t want to refund my money. A very simple task got so complicated, intentionally by them.

Yesterday I told Lana how important the event is that we needed the shirts for and she just ran in hiding. This is the same person who said she’s trying so hard to fix the issue and blah blah blah. Again, just empty words and bs.


Bolt Printing is 100% garbage and should be avoided at all costs. Obviously, this is NOT an isolated incident so they most certainly cannot say this has never happened before. I never got the items so we cannot judge the quality, but I know for an absolute fact that their customer service is pure garbage and it will never ever change. I will be discussing this more on my podcast.

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