It’s always interesting when these individuals pop up and ask for an opportunity to only prove to me why they don’t deserve the opportunity. This individual sent over his pitch deck and then got upset because I asked for more information. His pitch deck is riddled with lies about actors who are attached to his project so I decided to ask for a budget breakdown/sheet. Pretty standard stuff, right? That’s when things escalated. Read how all over the place is answers are.

The emails became more and more pointless but I did that to put together this post plus to have more evidence for the podcast (it’s going to be a great one!) Obviously, garbage like Czerny Miller (40 years in this business!? YEAH, RIGHT! Check out his IMDB.) won’t achieve anything in the entertainment industry but to anyone reading this; when you come across clowns like this; you should immediately notice bullshit when they react like how this idiot did.

Check out his pitch deck “The Veil” and the actors he claimed to be attached to his project!

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