A few people tend to see my confidence and ambitious nature as arrogance. A few people tend to see me as the kind of person that views others as disposable. A few people tend to think I’m supposed be the “norm”; plain, simple and complacent. I have absolutely no respect for those people. This is my self-reflection.

I know for a fact that I can be harsh, selfish and inconsiderate at times to those that believe in and support me and my vision. I know I’m not exactly Mr. Friendly because I have a tendency of getting right to the point. I’m also not one to easily forgive those that have insulted or slighted me. Yeah, I can hold a grudge.

In regards to those that think I view people as disposable. I tend to view people as either they have value or they don’t. “View” might be a bit of an oversimplification so let me rephrase it. I tend to analyze the people I interact with. Is this person ambitious? Is this person intelligent? What have they accomplished so far? And so on. A person’s thoughts and/or actions or lack thereof plays a very important role in how I treat them. My “evaluation”, if you will, is never based on preconceived notions. Now on to the value. If the person lacks intelligence; has low to no ambitions; complacent; and so on, then that person has absolutely no value to me. If the person has great qualities but decides to start slacking off then I tend to erase that person from my life promptly and permanently. Keeping people like that around is toxic to me and I refuse to be the nice guy and allow it. If there is no value to be had then what is the point of further interaction? What is there to be gained for me?

I’m very impatient, stubborn, meticulous, confident, assertive, and at times, vindictive, but I strongly believe that those qualities also makes me so incredibly ambitious, intelligent, determined and relentless. And I wouldn’t trade them for anything. This is who I am and I like to be around people that share those qualities. People that refuse to follow the status quo. People that want to set the bar so high for themselves that the sky is truly the limit. The infinite accomplishment ladder if you will. That is why I tend to erase those that I find to be toxic.

It would be absolutely insulting to end without thanking those that have been enormously supportive and who stood by me even when I wasn’t the nicest person. My amazing wife, Naliesha. My mom. The Mikes. And a couple others that have stated that I’ve influence them. You might have had a bigger impact on me than I had on you.

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