1). Those godamn ads. (Start the movie already!!!!!)

2). The sticky seats. (The images of what went on here is somewhat traumatic.)

3). Lack of safety. (What were you thinking?????)

4). The chatter. (Can you please shut the hell up?????)

5). The overcharging of ticket prices. (There is an easier way to keep people away; just lock your doors!)

6). Subpar content (Quality please! No! Attaching a “name” to a shitty project does not make it great! Topping the weekend doesn’t mean it’s a great film either!)

7). The small screen rules! (TV is crushing it! Basic cable hits like; Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, etc.)

8). The Internet. (Free beats paid!)

9). Lack of personal space. (That’s my arm rest! Gosh!)

10). Poor sound/video quality. (You’re overcharging me for this!?)

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