Welcome to the coding section of my website. Check out my Github (Mr. Robb’s Github) and here (Mr. Robb’s Coding Journal) are some posts about my coding. Read below and email, text or call me if you have questions or a project (serious inquiries ONLY!!!!!) to work on.

1). How long have you been a coder?
A). I’ve been coding since January 1, 2021.

2). Which programming languages do you know?
A). Python, Javascript, and also HTML and CSS. I’m always learning new languages so this will be updated.

3). Can you work on my project?
A). Email me details about your project and if I can’t do it then the coding group I’m a member of (codeX) definitely will be able to.

4). What got you interested in coding?
A). My amazing wife. She is a data scientist and knows Python, SQL and more.

5). What’s your favorite language to code in?
A). Python.

6). Do you have any advice for aspiring coders?
A). Pick one language and learn the fundamentals before going to other languages.

7). Are you looking to collaborate with other coders?
A). Of course! I’m always open to collaboration.


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