This person is HILARIOUS! If you are ever wondering who the influx of newbies are to government contracting then look no further than this person.

First, I sent her an RFP to go over. She responded with two scribbled-up “napkin-like” not-legible images along with: “Please see the attached design and functional requirements with the limited information.”

Limited information? Hmmm. Ok. She didn’t ask ANY questions…just the scribbled-up nonsense she sent over.


I then responded with: Those images are very small and not very legible. You can easily put them in a presentation format.


And her response was absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!



I feel there is no chemistry between us. Needing four emails for simple feedback is not how I like to work, especially at the beginning. I wish to discontinue our collaboration.


I genuinely could not stop laughing. This person is something else!

And this is the influx of newbs to government contracting…or just business in general. These are the individuals who should never ever start companies. I absolutely guarantee you that she won’t be successful in this industry. I’ve seen it way too many times.

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