I’m writing and posting this because, after my last response to her, I knew she still wouldn’t get the point and of course respond with hurt feelings instead of looking inward. This can also be used for other individuals with similar generic questions in the future.

Yes, people constantly go on YouTube, search for government contracting, and then watch these nonsense videos about how you can make a million dollars per day in government contracting. And then guess what? They want to be government contractors.

Only one problem; that’s usually where their “research” stops.

I have a feeling that Marisol is one of those people.

I have some thoughts for you individuals who want to put in no work and make millions per day.

1). If you are going to start ANY business you should do very in-depth research. Asking generic questions is a sure sign of laziness. Fun fact: The same device you used to ask your generic no-effort questions can also be used to conduct very thorough research. STOP trying to outsource your research. Put in the time and do actual research (read books and articles from reputable sources, take courses, etc). Watching clickbait and wildly inaccurate YouTube videos is not the way to go.

2). No, you will NOT make a million dollars per day in government contracting. My IT company (started in 2015 and was profitable years before entering the government contracting space) was recently awarded an ITQ for up to ten million dollars with the state of Pennsylvania. That ITQ is due to many many many years of work BEFORE being awarded and it will be many many many years before realizing that full number. I didn’t start the company just for government contracting. That would be absolutely ridiculous! I started it because software engineering is one of the areas I have domain expertise in and I also really enjoy it.

3). Starting a company with the “stated” purpose of government contracting is a terrible idea and it’s a clear sign of what motivated you in the first place. If you’re going to start a company then put together a business plan…or even an outline. And again; conduct real research.

As for her questions:

First question: Depends on YOU. How would a group of strangers know what corporate structure works best for you????? Maybe you should’ve done some research on that.

Second question: What?

Third question: Who would you be “stating” that purpose to?

Did you notice that Marisol never ever stated so much as a product or service she would like to offer the government? No skills she possesses that the government might be interested in procuring. No value proposition. Literally…nothing.

When it is this obvious that absolutely no research was done I think it is fair game to call the person out on it. You’re not doing them any favors by placating them. These are adults and it’s best to be very direct with them. Also, you’re NOT helping them by telling them to go talk to their APEX office because you would only be wasting their time. If you truly want to help them then be honest and direct with them. If they choose to actually put in real work then they will have a shot…otherwise they’ll give up very quickly!

I’ll leave this here and refer it to others I see making this same mistake in the future.

Teachable moments can be very good.

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