I told this company (founded by a Dion Velazquez) that I have absolutely no interest in their garbage services and then this idiot (named Alfred Ulloa. Great hire!) showed up during a showing of my home. I wasn’t there but I was very pissed because this idiot knew that I had ZERO interest in their awful services and still decided to show up at my front door! I wish I was home to shoot his dumb-ass!

Trespassing is illegal! You have been warned, Alfred Ulloa, from Velaz Solar!

If ANYONE from this company, including Alfred Ulloa, shows up at your home, unsolicited, you have the LEGAL right to defend yourself, your family, and your property from trespassers. It’s literally the law!

Take pictures and videos as I had done. Record their phone calls. Screenshot their messages. Save their emails. Also, make sure you have proof that you declined their services (it proves harassment). That makes your case much stronger in case you have to let off a couple of rounds to defend yourself!

I then wrote a review on Google and then they posted a whole bunch of fake reviews. Over 90% of their reviews are fake and popped up right after I left my review! Check the dates! Check the dates! It’s hard to fake that! Stay away from Velaz Solar!

There are so many great solar companies out there. I’m making a Google Doc and will share it. You never EVER have to use this garbage company that writes fake reviews.

This post along with the audio recordings, messages, and videos were sent to the Irvington and Union Police Department.

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And they’re back!!!!!! The child molesters are at it again! Hahahahah. They are now straight-up harassing me. The child molesters got really hurt! Also, if you’re going to be racist at the very least don’t write sentences like you dropped out in the 7th grade. Try to show even a minuscule amount of knowledge. Hahahahah.

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