Without further ado…

I have been accepted and am beyond excited to start my MBA journey this year with PennState Smeal College Of Business.

Besides the high rankings and stellar reputation I am proud to pursue my MBA at PennState because the school’s curriculum fits my career perfectly and its alumni network is second to none. Networking is key for almost anyone interested in pursuing an MBA!

As a serial entrepreneur, I wear many hats and the primary goal for pursuing my MBA is to learn and put into practice as much knowledge as possible to grow my companies into multi-billion dollar enterprises. And I cannot think of a better institution than PennState to be my partner in this MBA experience.

Throughout this entire journey, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a lot of admissions members, associates, and officers at various institutions. And while most were professional and courteous I’ve also had the displeasure of interacting with some of the worse individuals (read here) who should not be the first point of contact with possible candidates. I’ll speak more, in another post, on why those horrible individuals deter candidates. It’s also, not surprisingly, reflective in their rankings.

To anyone interested in pursuing an MBA I’m ALWAYS available to talk about my journey and also to warn you in regard to which schools to stay very far away from.

One more thing about the terrible schools and staff I came across during this process: There seems to be a correlation between schools with very bad rankings and their admissions process. Major technical issues with their application portal. Hello! You have to get that part working. Silly requests like asking candidates to write a letter explaining some GPA from seven (7) to ten (10) years ago. Slow response times. And no surprise; incompetent staff.

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