I’ve been in the film industry for going on twenty (20) years and I’ve received more than my share of rookies thinking they are pros. Leanna is the perfect example. She reached out to me a couple of days ago in regards to film financing:


Hello Mr. Robb,

My name is K. Leanna Rodgée and I am the CEO of Enlightened Entertainment which is a film production company in Atlanta, GA. I would like to inquire about film financing. Currently, my team and I are in development for our television series and we are seeking financing for the pilot. One of our executive producers, Mrs. Ebony Porter-Ike, is the CEO of The epiMedia Group and Ebony Eyes Entertainment. She is affiliated with networks that are seeking television series and we are planning to begin principal photography in January of 2023. Mr. Dolapo Erinkitola (executive producer of Karen and The Waterboyz) would also be one of our executive producers/investors for this project. Ms. Tamra Simmons, our acquaintance, and executive producer of the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, may also become one of our executive producers as well. Our budget for the pilot is $200k. I would like to know if you are currently investing in media projects and if you would like to learn more about the series and set up a pitch meeting with Mrs. Porter-Ike and me in the coming weeks. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
K. Leanna Rodgée DBA Candidate, M.A.
CEO | Founder | Producer

Ok. A bunch of lies there but I entertained her nonetheless.


Hello K. Leanna Rodgée,
Thank you for your email.
Can I see a pitch deck? I’ll be able to formulate my questions after going over it.
Thank you.
She then wanted me to sign an NDA. This individual has ONE credit to her name (I kid you not) and this is what she said to me when I told her that her request is ridiculous and I’m not signing her NDA:

“This is my work that my company and I would be allowing you to review. What is very ridiculous is that you think that I wouldn’t request you to sign an NDA. This reply was very unprofessional. Your response shows me your character. In my profession, we do have Non-Disclosure Agreements and some of us are willing to sign them. If you do not know this, then you would need more experience. With these issues, we would not consider you as one of our executives.”


Damn! I was really looking forward to being one of her “executives”.


Again, twenty years of experience; NO. IDEA. IS. ORIGINAL. The real genius is in the execution and based on Leanna’s approach; her project will never ever see the light of day. I can almost guarantee that.


Attention rookies; Do NOT jeopardize potential relationships by pretending to be a pro. Actual pros can see right through it and they’ll just block you and there goes a connection. Do NOT make these very stupid mistakes. If you really think your idea is so unique and will be wildly successful that an NDA is required then you should take out some loans and get it made. You’ll make the money back in no time, right? Because the idea is so unique and you will then be labeled an auteur of impeccable stature.



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