Value Yourself

Value Yourself

In 2019 I was managing this client (aspiring singer) and gave her 100% free access to my studio; created and produced a podcast for her; gave her roles in some films I produced; planned her marketing; help with her music; assisted her with contracts; stopped her from giving away 100% of her publishing…multiple times and charged her $0.00 because my mindset has always been long-term vision. Basically, the goal was to build her as a multi-talented brand, which she wanted, and then we would both reap the rewards. Again, I have never ever charged this individual a penny. Anyway, she then met this “producer” on Instagram and during our first phone call he wanted to charge her thousands of dollars for “training” and also to setup an LLC where he would own a part of it. This client was ecstatic! She was so eager to work with him so I, very curiously, asked her: why are you so eager to do this? And she said to me: he’s charging me for his services so he must be good.


The point I’m making is; even if you offer immense value to someone, if you don’t properly value yourself then why should they?

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