1). Excuses: I tend to stay away from people that come up with excuses constantly. They’re usually full of shit. Excuses are usually by those that can’t do. Try to avoid them at all costs!

2). Lack of Motivation: You’ll meet people that say things like; one day I’ll do this, or one day I’ll do that. That day will never ever come for most of those people because they lack motivation.

3). Unprofessionalism: if there is one thing that really pisses me off it is tardiness. Another would be poor communication. And another would be immature behavior. These and many more characteristics I’ve come across falls under unprofessionalism. And if you’ve displayed one or more of those characteristics then most likely we won’t be working together.

4). The Odds: Success is usually reserved for those that not only want it but deserve it. They dedicate hours, days, weeks, months and years to achieving their success. They will outwork you! They will be more creative and strategic than you! Chances are you won’t be successful because you don’t deserve it. Why don’t you deserve it? The three factors above. It’s literally that simple! Deal with it!

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