Think about this for a minute: have you ever stepped into a classroom and a professor asks you; what would you like to learn this semester? If so, does it happen often enough?

The concept of asking students what their interests are seems like a head scratching concept. The usual method is for the professor to force his/her interests down the students throat and pretend to care if the students like it or not. Why should they care? They get paid regardless.

The issue with that strategy is that it works against the one that is supposed to benefit the most from the learning experience; the student.

I call these “educators” failed because their methods of “teaching” is more narcissistic and self-serving. In other words: This is my knowledge and you, the student, needs it.

How about we try it this way: Let us, the students and the educator, combine our knowledge and resources so we can both gain something from this experience. I mean, after all, if you’re going to force business majors to take liberal arts courses and vice versa, it’s the least you guys can do.

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