I’ve been told that I’m incredibly ambitious. And I would strongly agree with that description. One of the main reasons why I’m so ambitious is because I strongly believe I can create a global company that is productive and efficient that also provides jobs for people all over the world. Another reason for my insatiable ambitious nature is that I’ve observed the generational impact an individual can have on his/her family. I intend on being that individual for my family: The Robb Family. What I intend on building is much more fulfilling to me than the usual accumulation of individual wealth. Some people may call it a dynasty, but selfishly, it’s my legacy. It’s one of my primary goals to have my family’s name symbolized with success, wealth, aristocracy, philanthropy, and above all; legacy. I want the Robb Family name to live on centuries after I’m gone. This means so much to me. This, I hold dearly. This, I hope the future of The Robb Family will honor and respect.

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