I’ve had a few people tell me that I’m too ambitious. I’m doing too much. What I find very interesting is that the few people that says that usually have little to nothing going on in their own lives. What’s even worse; they’re perfectly fine with that! How atrocious!?

I have utter disdain for people with little to no ambitions, and also people with minimal ambitions due to their fear of failure. Basically they lack self-confidence so they set the bar for themselves so low that it’s near impossible to not achieve their “goals”.

What’s the point of living like that? Why the lack of confidence?

I strongly believe in setting the bar really really high and working very smart (and hard of course!) to exceed it. That’s my “strategy” and I’m sticking to it.

Feel free to adapt it or continue with your low confidence and low self-esteem strategy.

Good luck with that!

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