You know the type; the people who have snarky and sometimes pretentious remarks about what you’re doing while have little to nothing to show for themselves.

When I come across a skeptic I indulge him/her. Skeptics like to be heard so I hear them out. Initially, they’re very coy, but in no time a skeptic will reveal who they are; you just have to pay attention. They sometimes smile in your face while throwing subtle jabs. The key is to keep your guard down; after a while those jabs become super weak!

Not all skeptics are the same though. You have the subtle type that can be overtly pretentious about your work/progress. You have the bold type that flat out tries to insult your work/progress. And you have the hybrid that puts on a different face/persona depending on the person they’re dealing with. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) got nothing on them.  They all have something in common though; they’re ignorant and narrow minded. They’re incapable of analyzing and thinking way outside the box so naturally…you’re a problem for them!

How should you deal with them? Well, for one, you don’t get back at a skeptic by stooping to their level. You automatically lose by doing that. What you should do is keep moving forward. Keep creating, keep progressing through success because if there is one thing a skeptic hates it’s a person’s success. It kills them. It drives them crazy. So keep progressing/achieving success and have the skeptics hate you for it. It’s the perfect win-win!

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