I’ve met them. The stars and dollar signs in their eyes. The gullible yet shallow and arrogant personality. The “weekend filmmakers”. The “hobbyists”. Who am I talking about? Why the idiots of course. You have the dedicated and die hard filmmakers who will use anything to hone their craft. It’s not full frame; you don’t have the proper lighting equipment; who gives a fuck? And then you have the idiots; who think it’s cool to bail at the last minute adding extra pressure to the filmmaker and his/her crew. This seems like a lot of work, I wasn’t expecting this. It’s nothing like the glamour stories and pictures/videos I’ve seen and heard.

The major problem is weeding out the idiots before it’s too late. You meet them at various meetups/gathering and they come across as serious and dedicated and then suddenly, when it’s time to work, they get a terminal case of bullshit-itis.

The cause and cure is simple: 1). They don’t stay in their sandbox. 2). They should stay in their sandbox.

The second point is very important because if they do that then we’ll have a fair a balanced industry. You’ll have serious filmmakers doing their thing and the idiots doing their thing. It works out for everybody.

Idiots, do us all a big favor and stick to your fucking sandbox! Thank you!

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