Here’s a reality check: 99% of you guys won’t make it. Fact! Why? Too much supply, not enough demand. Basic economics!

This may come as a surprise to you but the odds are clearly against you. So, my question to you is; why do it? Why waste your “valuable” time chasing the “dream”?

I’m met the gullible, naive, and overconfident aspiring “filmmakers” on a daily basis. The ones who think this industry is a cakewalk and the ones who are just too stupid to think at all. The ones who believe they’re better than anyone before them and the ones who are too timid to really go after it. They won’t survive! They just don’t know it yet.

I’m a fan of statistics so let’s talk some stats: There are more than five million actors, writers, directors, etc in the world. What makes your acting chops so special? What makes your script so effin great? What makes your directing style unique? What makes your pitch so captivating that I have to write you a check right now, suit? If you’re a fan of reality then you can see my point here.

I’ve seen it wayyyyyyy too many times: The aspiring writer who won’t write a single page until he/she is paid for it. The aspiring actor who is above doing a scene because he/she is not given enough screen time and throws a prima donna fit. The aspiring director who needs all the right high end equipment before he/she even lifts a finger. The aspiring producer who is more focused on who he/she takes a picture with, and if his/her name is spelled correctly on the call sheet, than actually producing the picture!

I know you’re drawn in by the lights, camera, and action; like moths to a flame. But you should be smarter than a moth, be more cautious. If you can do anything else, and I mean anything else, DO IT! Instead of saving up to buy a DSLR to make your short film, use that money for law school or business school textbooks, or something else. You’ll thank me later!

For those of you without a “choice” or the usual “this has been my dream since I was a child” speech: This is a BUSINESS, and you should see it as such. When you get an opportunity, just effin take it until you’re at a point with real options! Don’t complain about how it doesn’t fit into your bullshit “plan” or how you deserve more money or any other bullshit excuse you might come up with. Go back to basic economics and stats! You’re welcome!

If you’re still with me, and still believe in the “dream”, then this is where I leave you:

Why the hell are you putting in all this time, money, and energy so you can later sell your equipment on Ebay and Craigslist for less than 20% of the purchase price or wake up one day and wonder where the hell did the last ten to fifteen years of your life go????? It makes no sense and you know it.

Again, my question to you is; why do it? Why waste your “valuable” time chasing the “dream”?

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