Breaking Bad

Vince Gilligan has taken an under-appreciated, under-achieving high school science teacher and turned him into one of the biggest drug manufacturers (he doesn’t “deal” drugs) in the country. This show is suspenseful, and mind-blowing (Fringe’s death, literally!). I’m hooked episode after episode rooting for Walter White while awaiting Heisenberg’s (his alter ego) eventual downfall.

The Larry Sanders Show

Garry Shandling, the comedian, plays a late night talk show host. One of the reasons why I really love this show is the “behind the scenes” parts of the show is as well written and interesting as the “on screen” parts. It’s not like some shows where story “B” is just filler. This is one of the reasons I still like Showtime.


Speaking of Showtime: Jenji Kohan turned a suburban widow into a large scale weed producer and dealer. It helps that the dealer is the smoking hot Mary Louise Parker whose comedic timing is impeccable. The supporting cast also knows how to hold their own as they grow on each other for eight seasons which I have to credit Jenji and her writing staff for.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The quirky, neurotic Larry David (Co-Creator of Seinfeld). His lack of interpersonal skills and down to earth personality is one of the reasons why this dude is just awesome! Lady: Are you Jewish? Larry: Do you want to see my penis?
The Sopranos

David Chase gave us a gangster with typical family problems: the misguided son; the rebellious daughter; and the neglected wife. We all rooted for Tony to win, but secretly we all wanted him to die in the same fashion as his countless victims. Whether Tony is still alive or not is besides the point: The fact that he made such an impression on our lives says it all. Viva La Tony.

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