Google has replaced thinking. Wikipedia has replaced research. LOL has replaced, more like eviscerated, the English language. Facebook has replaced being social. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the stupid generation.

The irony that the most technological advanced generation is the stupidest is just the tip of, appropriately, the iceberg.

Where is Slovakia? I don’t know, Google it. How many Senators make up Congress? Not important! Who is the current Secretary of State? Dude! Don’t you see me on Twitter busy posting what I had for lunch? Just Wiki that stuff.

The idea of self-thinking is becoming extinct. Cloud storage is replacing the human brain in very large volumes. What happens when, not if, the technology fails. The result could be cataclysmic.

Let’s be friends. You’re friend number 1,435. We’ll talk…probably never again, but it’s better to have a higher number of “friends” on a social networking site due to my insecurity and low self-esteem issues. Fake popularity is better than no popularity….psychologically speaking of course.

Now, let’s talk plain English. Would it kill you to use basic grammar, punctuation, and proper spelling? Do you have to abbreviate EVERYTHING!? “Come on, u know what i’m tryin 2 say.” Actually, I do not! Also, using words like LOL and LMAO in your academic essays says a lot about you and it is also a barameter of where this country is heading.

Then again, what do I know? This is just the rantings of a twenty-four year old.

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