That’s a great question. I take advice from a core group of people I call my “advisors.” These are people whose work and overall personality I respect enormously.
Now, you might be wondering: what about “outsiders”?
The basic answer is no! I’ve seen what happens when you democratize constructive criticism. You get anything but constructive criticism. A perfect example is YouTube: the home turf of cat videos getting billions of views and intelligently produced content barely hitting five figures. What you get with that kind of constructive criticism is flamers, trolls, and others whose sole purpose is to expel negativity. I really don’t need that, and most likely so do you.
My advice to you; in the entertainment industry, feedback is mandatory. But you have the option to “block” out the noise and take feedback from people who you respect and trust.
Start putting together your advisors, chairperson.

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