Dear Students,

If you ever have to deal with HESC, be prepared for delays, disrespectful service reps, and even more delays.

I applied for TAP a couple weeks ago and then a few days later I received an email saying that my social (snn) might be invalid. Huh? Invalid? What? I almost forgot, it’s the same social that I used the year before and there was no problem. So I asked; can you guys elaborate on that? They gave me no answer to that question. That’s putting it nicely! Instead, they told me to (snail) mail them a copy of my social security card. More delays.

I also found this bit of side note interesting: these guys are so disorganized that they don’t even know their own address. The first rep, Donna, gave me an address to mail the copy to while Virginia gave me a different address. Which is which? Anyway, after I mailed them the copy requested I asked the question again; can you guys tell me why you think my social is invalid, and once again I got no answer to my question.

These guys not only delayed my application, but they did it so unprofessionally that I will always be repulsed by HESC.

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