Full disclosure: Robb TV is owned by our parent company, Robb Entertainment.


ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB: Robb TV is a broadband TV network. We produce, license, and distribute content primarily across the Internet, and also to other platforms like mobile devices and tablets. We operate similar to a cable network in that we offer niche programming on a weekly basis.

THEGLOBALPAPER.COM: What separates Robb TV from other broadband TV networks?

ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB: The same thing that separates Bravo from AMC; content! I remember when AMC was an old movie re-run channel and now their original programming is pulling in a record setting nine million viewers. It’s amazing how they went from one of the networks of last resort to one of the buzziest. It’s all about the content. One of my personal favorite quotes is: Great content makes a great network.

THEGLOBALPAPER.COM: What kind of programming do you look for to add to Robb TV?

ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB: Great programming that attracts viewers….. which is not easy. It’s not easy because we live in an era where a cat video will generate a lot more views than a carefully thought out scripted series. I have nothing personally against cat videos but how do you compete with that? The cat video cost less and in most cases generates more revenue (based on a cost to income basis). It’s pretty much the same as traditional cable networks who focus on scripted series vs. those that focus mainly on reality TV.

THEGLOBALPAPER.COM: Why replicate the network model for the Internet?

ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB: The great thing about the network model is the ability to cross-promote programming and also to build a brand. People tend to identify themselves with brands; whether it is clothing, electronics, or entertainment. I’ve seen people who create multiple web series having a hard time marketing them because they have no central brand. They have no network to identify with, so they have to start from scratch for each series which is something I wanted to avoid from day one. I’ve studied the network model and applied some of their techniques to Robb TV. The ability to say you can watch programming like REC TV, The Whatever Show with Michael Swiskay, Awesome Movie Reviews, Romane Robb’s Comedy Show, and etc ONLY on Robb TV means a lot to me.

THEGLOBALPAPER.COM: Where do you see Robb TV in five years?

ROMANE ORLANDO ROBB: Producing more great content that people will talk about and share with their friends and family. I see Robb TV as being a major force in the content arena and everyday I work towards that by searching for great storytellers and getting them to join us.

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