Look her up on IMDB.

Can’t find her?

Of course not! But hey, “i am sorry but i’m the one who has a film in a festival as finalists.” I love arrogance! Especially when it’s not comedic arrogance, but flat out serious arrogance.

She’s a loser though. Read the excerpt below:

I don’t need to practice my preaches i’ve seen a lot in my life. Actualy you sould practice on understanding things. You all missed what i was saying. You are talking about being professional, i am sorry but i’m the one who has a film in a festival as finalists. And the only thing you are teaching me is to use the programme. Seriously? That doesn’t make any sense, i don’t care what you even think. Don’t make word fights with me if you are still not mature enough because i am sorry but even you are talking your native language your all responds just made me laugh. And perfect means: “at the end everybody would be glad with the work” So it’s not even related with using which programme, which computer or which camera. If you done it well that’s enough. And a job can only be done perfect which is made in good faith. I’m pretty sure you won’t even understand what i mean but you will learn, don’t worry.
A lie is a lie? What is that? Are you 6 years old? Seriously? You know what i’m sorry but i don’t want to do this with a kid. You just want to argue which are not even related with job. You just make negotiations instead of understanding what i mean!
I wish the best for you, about your professional life!

It’s not out of context because she wasn’t trying to make a valid point.

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