This morning a cable station contacted me requesting an interview about my contribution to the comic-book industry due, in part, to “ROBERT CONTE: THE COMIC-BOOK LEGEND” on YouTube. I’m told it has almost 250 views!

I initially wanted to have you and Charlton involved in this project if it was possible. Unfortunately, the company that will conduct the interview feels its best that you, in particular, are not involved.

During my conversation with this channel, it was brought to my attention some posts you placed online citing me as “unprofessional” and actually went so far as to call me a “prick.” They sent me the link and I just read it. The word “shocked” is an understatement!

Such posts do nothing but demonstrate your immaturity and unprofessionalism. As you will learn in life, things happen and, sometimes, people are inconvenienced. You were provided an apology for me being unable to attend that short meeting and you react with a web blast against me?

Based on your actions above, and your failure to fulfill your end of the signed agreement by providing me the raw footage shot in my store, I am going to work with another company on my auto-biography film. I am open to involving Charlton as he was very kind throughout the process. I have copied him on this message so he understands why I have made the decision I have.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.


Do you really think I would really work with you again? Dude! I’ve ignored all you emails and messages since the project!

The word “loser” is an understatement!

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