There was (not sure if they still exist) this comic book “club” that I decided to check out a while back based on a recommendation from Chuck. Anyway, before I met the “leaders” (trust me, they’re nowhere near that title), I tried to have a conversation with them online. I wanted to see if they showed any leadership qualities. The answer is no! They displayed tardy communication, lack of organizational skills, lack of basic business skills, and an incredibly poor work ethic. #Robbisthetruth

Anyway, I went to the meeting and to my surprise, they displayed an even worse personality in person. Take everything I said above times 100……times 1000……times 1,000,000. One of the “leaders” showed up like an hour late. The so called MC couldn’t operate a simple podcast. (I guess we know who rode the short bus to school.) It was horrendous just watching the circus explode with three sticks of dynamite. #Robbtastic

Anyway, I have to cut this short. I don’t want to waste too much time on these idiots. We (Chuck and I) met Robert Conte there and we did a project with him. (Watch it on They did absolutely nothing in working with us directly on our project. They saw the completed project and for some reason expected something for it. You guys won’t get dick! “We have no interest in filmmaking.” So, why the fuck you guys suddenly want credit for our work then? #Robbismean

“We deserve a thank you for setting up your ENTIRE project.” No dickhead, you don’t deserve shit! Did you get the Producer? The Director? The DP? The Production Sound Mixer? The Grips? And spent weeks of pre-production? I didn’t think so. Go take out the trash for your mom. She’ll give you a thank you. #Robbthefilmmaker

What you deserve is a manhole to the face for plugging your tin cup comic book club on our YouTube page. #Robbowns

Pronto means prompt, immediate, without delay. You guys are the complete opposite. I guess it was supposed to be ironic. But then again, you guys are moronic! LOL #Robbwins

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