Since this is my final email to you, I might as well put all the cards on the table.

I believe in loyalty, dedication, and integrity. These are characteristics in which you lack.

You displayed disloyalty when you decided to do the Ethan shoot after I had left. I was looking out for all of us, but I guess you had your agenda, just like how you stated you’ll be the sound guy on Ethan’s films to recruit people. Yeah! I believed that.

You claim to be dedicated to this industry but all signs point to the contrary. You have all these connections (most are unreliable, but nonetheless), but you’ve helmed only one short film and one commercial. What’s that about? Also, like I said before, why didn’t you just produce and direct a couple short films instead of using that money going to seminars and workshops? Wouldn’t having actual work be better than telling someone you went to a workshop or seminar? That whole situation just boggles my mind.

You compromised your integrity because you didn’t want to leave a “bad taste” in scumbag Robert’s mouth. You probably did that because you think that’s the path to success. Compromising your integrity is never worth it. I would rather be brutally honest, like how I usually am, and have people hate me, than pretend like everything is ok for the sake of a project. Don’t compromise your integrity…. for anyone. And this is what I learned from being around and listening to people who have achieved enormous success in this business.

I setup your website, gave you two directing projects, countless industry information, bolster your IMDB credentials with credits, and created a production company logo for you, and still, it seems like I’ve done nothing. The whole screenplays fiasco aside, it’s pretty clear that you never respected me as a filmmaker, I’ve known that since day one but since this is a business, I don’t care. I know I’m very talented, and way more dedicated than most of the people that want to be in this industry.

Anyway, I sincerely hope your buddy and role model Ethan will make something of your screenplays.

See you at the top Chuck. Goodbye!

Romane Orlando Robb
(Chairman/CEO of Robb Entertainment)

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