Corey was supposed to RSVP on for a pre-production meeting on “GET MY MONEY.”

COREY: Hey Robb!! I can be there! Was there a way to “accept” the meeting request on that page? I couldn’t see if there was a way or not.

ME: Yep! You can RSVP. Log in via your Facebook.

COREY: I just tried and there was some kind of error.

ME: Let’s see a screen shot.

COREY: Of,…. the error? I have too much to do, right now. Can we deal with that later? I’ll be at the meeting.

ME: Corey, a screenshot takes less than two seconds. And if there is an error on our platform, we would like to fix it promptly!

COREY: awh man. you got me working! i have like 5 scripts to read!

There was no error! He made it up. Why? I have no idea.

The dude is unbelievable. He blew a directing gig because of his pointless lie.

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