Saaid is an aspiring something (I have no idea what he wants to do) in the film industry. First he said producing, then he said directing, then he might as well tell me he wants to be a studio executive because after our entire conversation, this guy had no idea why he wants to be in the film industry. Here is an excerpt:

ME: Why producing?

SAAID M. SABET: Because i am new to this. I think I can direct, because it is just common sense, and I don’t know any body more in-touch than myself.

ME: You are new to this. You might want to avoid repeating the statements in your latest email. You don’t start as a producer because you’re “new” to filmmaking. Producing is by far one of the most stressful jobs in the business. Different personalities clashing, financing, etc. And directing is definitely not “common sense.” Like I said, you might want to avoid repeating those statements to people who work in the industry. People new to filmmaking start as a PA, not a producer. That would be starting at the top which doesn’t really work in this business. Now I’m so so glad I asked that question.

SAAID M. SABET: by “common sense.” I meant being in touch, have an eye for reality, and I think I am pretty good at that. Directing is to make sure movements(acting), and gesture are as real as possible, and I think I am good at that!

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, but, and this is for anyone who is an aspiring “filmmaker”, if you think that you have to be in the film industry because you love movies, sit down and really think it through. It’s like walking down Times Square and seeing a guy toss fire sticks in the air and you become fascinated and want to do it because he makes it look easy. The guy probably took months preparing that act, and so is the process of making a film, only longer. It’s not all glamour and fame. Again, sit down and think about it.

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