I very rarely come across people who are as unprofessional as you are. But when I do, I usually never ever want to meet them again. My director, Charlton “Chuck” Ruddock just wanted a mere two minutes to go over the questions for the interview with you, for your benefit I might add, and what do you do? You avoided him by coming up with lame excuses or having your underlings do your dirty work for you. But this is where you really messed up; you wasted my time. That’s never a good idea. We setup a simple meeting (that would take no more than two minutes) at 2pm on Thursday, December 15, 2011 so that my director could go over the questions with you so you could get an idea of what will be asked, again to benefit YOU, and what do you do? You bailed on us. Your attitude and behavior towards us since our initial meeting went from completely enthusiastic to a downright complete PRICK!

For the record, you were NOT doing us a favor by doing the interview.

I despise unprofessionalism. And you’re very unprofessional.

Romane Orlando Robb
(Chairman and CEO of Robb Entertainment)

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