Romane Orlando Robb is a film/TV producer, writer, and director. Born in St. Andrew, Jamaica on January 27, 1988, Romane aspired to be a scientist, but ended up a serial entrepreneur who found a home in filmmaking. In 2008, he founded his very own media and entertainment company, Robb Entertainment – Through his company, Romane has developed and/or produced Kavika, Get My Money, Villains, and Robert Conte: The Hidden Comic Book Legend, a documentary about comic book writer/artist Robert Conte, and countless commercials and music videos. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Romane Orlando Robb: It’s my uber pleasure. Let’s start at the beginning. What made you want to be a scientist in the first place?

Romane Orlando Robb: I was 13, filled with innocence. And now I’m much older and not so innocent. I aspired to be a scientist for the sole reason of saving the world. Naive but true. The irony is; I would see scientists in movies and say how cool they were. Little did I know, I would someday be the guy that hired people (actors) like those for my pictures. How did you end up a filmmaker?

Romane Orlando Robb: I bought my first camera off of eBay for $25.00 when I was 16. I didn’t put it down for a week, if not more. I love it. I recorded everything with no interest in editing. And it recorded on VHS tapes which didn’t matter to me then but looking at it now, what was I thinking? How did you transition for the kid with the VHS recorder to the “suit” managing film productions?

Romane Orlando Robb: I’m a businessman, first and foremost. I started a mini hedge fund in high school and became embolden with investing. Contrary to popular belief, I see the film industry as an investment. The bonus is that I’m also a very passionate filmmaker. How would you describe your work ethic?

Romane Orlando Robb: I’m a very prompt communicator; dedicated to my craft, and highly conscientious. Talk about a resume pitch. I sometimes, most times, get pissed off when I’m communicating with someone who is tardy with their responses. I would tell them to never contact me again, or I just permanently block them. I despise people who are slow at communicating, especially in this day and age when we all walk around with mobile devices. If you contact me, in most cases, expect a reply in no time. And if I don’t get the same prompt response from you, just F off. It’s that simple! What do you do when you’re not producing?

Romane Orlando Robb: I’m a comic book (I guess the term is now “graphic novel”) writer, photographer, clothing designer (The Urban Blvd –, portfolio manager and angel investor, and occasional music producer, among other things. What are some of your future plans?

Romane Orlando Robb: World domination! But until then, I would like to dominate both the silver screen, like Jerry Bruckheimer, and the “small screen,” like how Norman Lear did back in the 1970s. I’m working on a couple pilots and hoping something awesome happens. I’m also looking to expand Superbear Entertainment’s (a commercial and music video production company) directors’ roster. I would also like to produce some Broadway plays, Bollywood and Asian films. In other words; I want to be a very diversified producer. Any last comments?

Romane Orlando Robb: Stay tuned for what we (Robb Entertainment – have in store for you guys. Thank you so much for you time Mr. Robb.

Romane Orlando Robb: Call me Romane or Robb, never Mr. Robb. Formality freaks me out. And again, it was my uber pleasure.

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