Let’s emphasize the executive part. An executive, executes, right? It was Thomas Edison who said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” Mr. Edison was a bright man. (no pun intended.) The producer looks (or should look) at every film as a separate company; a new “start-up” if you will. And he/she should, because, in most cases, that’s exactly what the process is like; building a start-up.

The producer can come up with the idea or option/acquire the material; the foundation. The producer then hires the key “employees” to help execute his/her vision. The writer (if the material is based on but not limited to; an idea or adaptation), director, DP, talent, etc.

After the producer let his/her “employees” do their job and get the film in the can, the producer still has a lot of work to do. The producer has to “sell” the product/service (the picture) to customers (the audience) through marketing. Here’s an obvious statement; marketing can make or break a film. Remember, the producer is not just selling a film, he/she is “selling” a company. Is it a bust or a multi-billion dollar company? Your next CEO position depends on it.

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