Materialistic bullshit aside; my word and my balls are the only thing I truly own. Figuratively and literally speaking. And I don’t “break” them for no one. Cue Mr. Montana!

I believe in loyalty. Thus the reason why I shout; FUCK FAKE FRIENDS! I’m anti-social by choice. I keep a very tight circle (dirty thoughts) of “associates.” To use the term “friends” would imply that I’m friendly with them. Most people despise my honesty. But then again, I despise most people so we’re even. (score one for Romane.) I always find it fascinating that some of the same people who wanted nothing to do with me before, but suddenly, as my status starts to escalate upwards, they’re the first to give me kudos and congratulations. With that, I officially say: FUCK YOUR CONGRATZ. KEEP THEM!

What did I say about that honesty of mine? I’m a nurse’s aide son. I’m too “middle class” to bullshit anyone. That’s why, for better or worse, I’m 100% real. I love it that way. It’s not easy to find people who are the same, but rare occurrences should be cherished if not relished. It’s truly worth it.

And moving onwards. But first, a look back. I still remember the feeling when I checked my grades and noticed that my World Literature professor had given me an F, which stood for; fuck your graduation Romane. Sayonara graduation. Another semester. Another delay in my life’s plan. I’m not a huge fan of forgiving people, so there is a zero percent chance of me forgiving what he had done. And for some reason I carry this immense hatred for the college itself. Fuck BMCC.

How the hell did I go from Tony Montana, to fake friends, to college grades? I guess I’m just thinking out loud.

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