I have to admit, it’s an humiliating process. The interviewer rounds up a bunch of kids, four to seven per group, who are usually desperate for a job, and ask them the most generic and sometime ridiculous questions while they sit back and play Darwin. Here are some examples: 1). Why do you want to work for Urban Outfitters? Wow! So original. How should I answer this ass kissing question so I get hired? 2). Which celebrity is your fashion role model? What if I have my own style, do I fail on the “uniqueness” front by not copying a celebrity’s style? 3). How often do you shop online? Ok! This is now officially a survey, not a job interview.

Most of the interviewees seem so desperate that I get the feeling they’re willing to wash the interviewer’s (usually the store manager) car for a week just to get hired.

The irony is; while the interviewer asks us to name sources where we get our latest fashion news, because being a “hipster” is the key to getting hired there, the popular fashion blogs we list are completely unknown or oblivious to the interviewer. So much for keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

It’s mostly a survey (free, I might add) to see how they can make their business more “hip” and “fresh”.

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