Koldcast really fucked up this time!

ROBBTV.COM: We’re looking to add more programs to our line-up. Choose your best show and send us a 500 x 500 banner and the link.

DAVID: We have several “best” shows. What are the target demographics of your audience? What is the size of your audience/readers?

Wait! What? Why didn’t he just send the requirements. Anyway….

ROBBTV.COM: Demo: 18-34. Average: 135k views per month.

No reply…..until

ROBBTV.COM: Is there a reason for the delayed response, David?


DAVID: We reviewed your site and are uncertain about what you do. Can you tell us about your company and who you are. None of your emails have even been signed by an individual.

Ok! He’s not a liar. Let’s just assumed he can’t read, due to the fact that the FAQs is right there.

ROBBTV.COM: FAQs too much?

ROBBTV.COM: It’s actually pretty funny that you sent that email after you stated you “reviewed” the site. What exactly did you review if you skipped the faqs?

ROBBTV.COM: Also, when did providing FREE exposure to a web series become so difficult? It seems a bit odd that a web production company, instead of being more open and dare I say “social”, chooses to do the complete opposite. No wonder web series in general is in this state. The people who are in charge don’t have a clue.

ROBBTV.COM: Ok! David, look at it from this point of view. It doesn’t matter if you’re an
old media guy disguising yourself as a new media guy. Let’s put that to the side
for a brief moment.

Imagine you create a product, and the marketplace has 10,000 other products like
it. A store owner comes up to you and say; “I like your product the most and
want to put it in my store, front and center……at no cost to you.” Are you going
to say, let me think about that. Let me scrutinize and keep you waiting for an
unnecessary amount of time? Probably not, right? You’re going to say, why not?
You’re getting free exposure with absolutely nothing to lose. Look at new media
like that. A new web series is born everyday. Your competition is only expanding
due to the limited amount of time and the multitude of choices viewers have. So
if you have an opportunity to expand one of your shows by even a little bit;
dude, just take it! And last but not least; if you’re an old media guy
pretending to be a new media guy, in the long run, they’re going to find out.


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