Solvan “Slick” Naim or aka “Mr. Dumbass.”

And ofcourse, his “Producers”, Ty Walker and Johnathan (might be the same person), which is nothing more than titles. These guys know absolutely nothing about what they’re doing.

Bullet points:

FULL CIRCLE: Thank you for your interest in “Full Circle”. Right now we are in the fund raising process. Can you help us raise money? Secure sponsorships and investors?

ROBBENT.COM: First, how many producers are attached?


Again, three people with titles, not ACTUAL producers.

I checked kickstarter and…..

ROBBENT.COM: The project says fully funded.

FULL CIRCLE: Yes that’s just for kickstarter. That was the very basic initial amount to get started and was a realistic number to raise in 25 days.

The actual budget ended up being over $110,000.00

ROBBENT.COM: That’s actually higher than what I stated in my email. So we can start shooting. What’s your distribution strategy (if you have one)?

FULL CIRCLE: We can discuss distribution on the phone with our other producer. $20,000 isn’t enough to start shooting, that’s our problem. Are you available at 1:30 for a conf call?

As expected, they do NOT have a distribution strategy, so basically another 1 in 10,000.

But, there’s more…..

FULL CIRCLE: The Actual Budget is $110,000

Distribution Strategy: We will be working with several sales agents to license the film internationally and domestically. Interest has already been made.

Splits will be 115% ROI for all investors and 50/50 splits on net profits.

We have a near shooting script that has been copyrighted by WGA and Library of Congress through Solvan Naim.

Did you see that? Several sales agents! Net profits! 115% ROI! Interested parties for a low budget no name cast and crew film? A sea of red flags.

But, there’s more…..

ROBBENT.COM: That budget is not realistic. I don’t think you understand the economic climate we’re in. And also, you might want to avoid using the “net profit” term when approaching people who actually know this business. We both know net profits doesn’t really exists due to “creative accounting.” So it’s best if you stick to gross. Check out the budget and gross for these pictures below;

Paranormal Activity: $10,000.00

Brother: $10,000.00

Visa Dream: $1,000.00

Clerks: $27,000.00

I don’t mean to use my economics term here, but you guys need some “absolute
advantage producers.”

FULL CIRCLE: That’s our budget were aiming for. At the end of the day I’m going to work with what we have. If we can raise another 10-20G’s so be it. If you can help raise another 10 that would help a lot… If you can be more precise in what exactly you can help us with, that would help. Advantage producers meaning what?

Absolute Advantage Producers!!!!!

ROBBENT.COM: I never said advantage producers, I said; ABSOLUTE ADVANTAGE PRODUCERS. Basically us, ROBB ENTERTAINMENT. The meaning is pretty simple actually. It means we believe is using fewer resources than other (un creative) producers to produce the same product. We clearly understand the economic climate. We’re from the finance (hedge fund) world after all. Take a look at this chart and then really evaluate your strategy; You stated you were going to send the locked script yesterday.

FULL CIRCLE: We still need to raise more money regardless. We’re shooting the whole thing on the RED ONE MX. What would you bring as a producer?
Can you help us raise more money. You mentioned you could help raise $10,000 before. In terms of crew, we are now looking for an experienced AD, PM, camera AC, 2nd AC, PC, Line Producer, Gaffer, Grips, and Swings. We’re looking for these crew positions that will work for food, proper credits, and copys of the work.

How insulting! You have a budget of $100,000.00 and you want to pay EXPERIENCED crew with food and credits!

ROBBENT.COM: Is this question a joke; “What would you bring as a producer?” Apart from the crew stated, isn’t it clear? All the information we provided on how to be more efficient, which is the main responsibility of the producer. Also, apart from the fact that you didn’t head a word I’ve said or the illustrations I’ve provided, it also seems like something doesn’t add up here. You stated the budget is over one hundred grand, but you want EXPERIENCED crew to work for food and credit? Which is mandatory by the way. I’m not really sure how copies of the work would be an incentive. What is really going on here? The major cost in a film is usually cast and crew, but you want the crew to work for free and do what with the proposed one hundred grand? If you guys really want to make this film, let’s be realistic and actually have a plan. A detailed plan. A detailed budget. A detailed presentation (I have examples but you might just end up putting it to the side like all the valuable information we’ve been giving you.)

And I continued…

ROBBENT.COM: “I know you had a chance to check out the downward pyramid; have you
> re-evaluated your strategy now?” No answer. I guess that means no? You claim
> to have a budget of over one hundred grand; do you have a realistic strategy
> on ROI? No more, “we have interested parties.” Did they commit by pre-sales?
> I really don’t want you guys to just be another one of 10,000.

FULL CIRCLE: I did see your “downward pyramid” and its common sense. It’s not
some miraculous diagram thats going to change my mind on anything. I also
already knew about the small budget movies you named before. Thats well
known as well. Our other producer can bring on a whole crew already at
100/day for everybody. I said I’m looking for crew right now because im
ready to work with what we have, which is just the Kickstarter money. If we
get the 100 grand of course I’ll pay them…thats obvious.
*If you can bring on money to the project let me know, since you keep
avoiding the question.

You mean the question I answered in our very first emails?????

ROBBENT.COM: ” If you can bring on money to the project let me know, since you keep
> avoiding the question.” How can I avoid a question I answered in the first
> few emails? The answer again is YES! But you still have NO strategy. I never
> said it was a “miraculous” diagram, but I know for a fact that you did not
> know anything about it. I even had to explain absolute advantage to you and
> you’re a “producer” on this project. What is your actual strategy? Since you
> keep avoiding the question.

You dont know shit for a “fact”. But here’s a fact for you:
You aint working on this movie. Goodbye.



Slick, with a brain of bricks. Another 1 in 10,000.

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