Matt posted a note in a forum and I thought; maybe he was serious about networking and working on a couple film projects. But, as it turned out, Matt is just another one of them.

“Hi – I’m in NYC and down for collaborating/networking/working on stuff — maybe forming a group and see what happens would definitely be cool. Even if we started by shooting smaller stuff to throw up on the web… definitely be a cool project/experiment! Evaluate each others’ projects and help each other out. We could meet at a coffee shop or someone’s place each week…screen films of ours and critique among planning projects together!”

I rarely do this but what the hell! Matt seems like one of those guys that you immediately regret giving an opportunity to. Like Nak, Edward, Tyler, and countless others. I thought this guy wanted to be a filmmaker, and not just another idiot that makes random video to put on the web to compete with countless other idiots.

Matt’s drawbacks;

– Poor communicator (everyone has a mobile device but some just doesn’t seem to know how to use it.)

– NOT an actual filmmaker. (Yeah I found out later!)

– Lacks conscientiousness. (“I think I can do all genres.” Instant red flag for me!)

It was interesting talking to you Matt. See you at the top.

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