LOL. Kyle must think I’m a fucking idiot.

As a producer, you’ll come across people that are flat out idiots. Case in point;

Here I am offering this guy an opportunity and this is how he says thank you.

I sent him the screenplay and then;

Me: Got the script excerpt? 2:34 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Got it. Will read asap 2:39 PM

Me: It’s basically to see if you’re interested before reading the full script. 3:22 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Very interested. But love to know about the project too. Why it is being made, budget Ect 3:32 PM

Me: Great! We’re not really sure what you meant by; why is it being made. 3:56 PM

Kyle Fasanella: I mean, is it being made for fun, distribution, promotion, Festivals, Ect 4:04 PM

Me: All of the above. It’s a short picture so the main focus will be festivals and “promotion.” 4:09 PM

Me: You like the genre? 4:30 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Love it. We should talk about it soon. 4:52 PM

Me: I thought we were talking about it. 4:58 PM

Kyle Fasanella: I mean over the phone when I get a chance. 5:00 PM

Me: If you’re “busy” it’s no problem to pass. 5:05 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Not at all. When would you like to talk? 5:12 PM

Me: I can send you the completed short and then we go in-depth into development. Does that work for you? 5:21 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Sounds good. I will give you a call after I read it. 5:22 PM

Me: Project Type: Short Film 7:35 PM

Me: Anything else you wanted me to go over? 10:34 PM

Kyle Fasanella: Just got back from Steadicam yoga. Heading to bed after shower. Lots of great stuff. We can talk tomorrow.

Ok! Steadicam yoga? I’ll buy it. The next day, he sent a different excuse;

Kyle Fasanella: Hey Robb, had to get some stitches. Avoided a car but hit a pothole. Hurts to talk ATM. But love to know about the film and everyones relation to it. 8:51 PM

Hmmmmm. Steadicam yoga and then some sort of accident? Possible? Yes! Did it really happen? You can’t write this shit!

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