Eventually, you’re going to have complete assholes that don’t return your phone calls, emails, etc. Some of those same people might write you off as a failure, or just to prove arrogance. Why should I talk to him? He’s a nobody, etc. I’m ok with that. I really am. What I’m NOT ok with is, when those exact same (redundant?) people suddenly contact me at the most “convenient” timing. Various scenarios (real and hypothetical) below;

1). ME: Hey, my great “friend,” I just finished this picture I was working on. Can you please tell me what you think?

7 months later after the email.

ASSHOLE #1: Romane, I just saw that you were awarded for your film “insert title here.” I’ve been extremely busy (curing cancer? Nope!), so sorry I didn’t get a chance (even though I always have my mobile device with me, and could’ve very easily sent a reply email back in like 10 seconds) to get back to you sooner. We should hang out (now that you’re making waves and I want people to know that I know you).


2). ASSHOLE #2: Robb/Kid/Stupid, you’re a dreamer and I think that’s cool and all, but you won’t be successful doing this. Nobody has ever done what you’re trying to do, so what makes you so special? You’re taking on way too much man. Just give up.

4 months later; The Urban Blvd was featured in an Australian Magazine, thanks to Belinda.

ASSHOLE #2: WOW! I just saw the featured article in this magazine and realized it was one your companies man. Great job! I was always routing for you.


3). I’ve known this individual for a couple of years and he/she has never paid any level of interest in my business ventures.

After I was interviewed for an entrepreneur’s spotlight.

ASSHOLE #3: I always knew you had it in you Romane (thanks for never telling me, even though I’ve known you for so long and you had instant access to me through numerous forms of communication – facebook, twitter, email, I.M, etc). All this time, I knew you were going to do great things.


Obviously, there are many more assholes to add, but you get the point I’m trying to make here. If you fall into any of the above or even come remotely close, you know what better options you should take now. And I’m OUT!

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