By now you may have had a chance to check out our first ever animated logo for ROBB ENTERTAINMENT. After months of back and forth resulting in no! no! and

even more noes! I decided to stay up until 5am (no biggie! I have a sleep disorder anyway!), around my notebook, working on our logo in Adobe After Effects.

This was my very first time using the program, and it wasn’t easy. But, I’m very determined to get what I want, so I took a crash course in After Effects and

jumped right in.

I didn’t like the first iterations so I scraped them. I wanted something simple (paying homage to our former name), neat (like how I wear my clothing), and a

powerful message (the most important point).

A powerful message? Yep! Making a picture/film is all about teamwork, which is ironic seeing as though this industry is overwhelmed by individual egos,

regardless of their status (power player or new comer) in the industry. Right, Edward? Our logo pretty much sums it up. The various elements flying around at

the start of our logo is a metaphor for the development to pre-production stage: ideas are flowing, mental chaos, etc. Half way through the logo, you start

to get a visual of what is forming right before your eyes. This is basically the production stage: now we have physical chaos, because nothing ever goes

according to plan. Right, joker? Our logo ends with everything in place. The visual puzzle is completed. This is the equivalent to the end of the post-

production stage.

The logo acknowledges the fact that multiple people work on these pictures/films everyday, giving their all. They’re responsible for the completed “puzzle”;

the final masterpiece. From start to finish, it was a team effort. And as long as we never forget that, we’ll always make great pictures/films.

Feel free to check out our animated logo HERE>

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