I went to the ATM at my local BoA bank today to make a deposit via ATM. F those long ass lines. I’m way too cool for that. Maybe after this incident, I’ll have to think twice about being “cool”. Anyway, I inserted the cash and the ATM just took (ROBBED!) my money and said “Thank you! Good bye.” I stood there for a few minutes waiting for my receipt and for the transaction to actually be completed, but that did not happen at all. To make a long story short, I stood by or next to (to block incomers) the ATM for 55 minutes on the phone waiting for customer service and when an “associate” finally came on, she said I’m going to have to wait 45 days for my money, and then she slammed the phone good bye!

You’re welcome BANK OF AMERICA. Welcome for what? My Effin tax money, that’s what. And you still robbed me.

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